“I am Groot.”

By Gap Community
August 2, 2021 in Articles

My favourite character in Guardians of the Galaxy is Groot. 

Groot is that lovable, irritating, and fiercely loyal tree creature who fights with and fights alongside his friends as they combat evil and save the planets.

The thing about Groot – he is real, authentic, no pretense.  Notice that he has a language all his own – three words.  “I am Groot.”  Everything he needs to communicate is in those three words.  Some of his friends understand.  Some don’t speak his dialect.  Over time, they learn to interpret his three simple words in meaningful exchange.

I have a Groot inside me – that real, authentic creature that, if only I could allow him to get out, would be my true, authentic self.  The one who can speak openly, honestly, truthfully, from a place of love and respect.  The one who won’t let social niceties prevent him from saying what’s real.  The one who won’t let his friends betray themselves.  The one who will stand for values and principles, even if he is standing alone. The one who will die to self so that others may live their best life.

The Groot inside me could be the one person who can change the world.  The one person who, acting with courage and vulnerability and humility, can make a difference.  The one person who, through love and respect, becomes contagious, spreading truth and justice and responsibility from sphere of influence to sphere of influence. 

And imagine if my Groot could meet your Groot and we could find our tribe – what possibilities could we create?