Haiti – 2021 Update

By Amy Maxwell
October 19, 2021 in Articles

Thank you for taking a moment to read about our dear partners and friends in Haiti below and the incredible need they are meeing, as well as the incredible impact that are making.

All of us together at GAP Community need to fundraise $12,000 to run the medical clinic in 2021, $12,000 to pay the staff salaries in 2021, and $10,000 to continue Pain Du Vie which our closest on-the-ground partner, named Luckey, leads this non-profit to get gang membersĀ and prostitutes off the street and gives them meaningful jobs.

Luckey is also in the hospital and is very ill so please pray and consider donating to help with the extreme medical costs.


GAP Partner Junior Belange with Vi-Espwa (“Life of Hope”) & Sove Jen (“Save the Youth”)
GAP Partner Luckey Pierre with Pan du Vie (“Bread of Life”)



Many of you know we support two organizations in Haiti- Vi-Espwa (Life of Hope) and Sove Jen (Save the Youth).

Through the generosity of our GAP Community and other communities Junior and his team at Vi-Espwa are able to care for and send to school 20 children who are from the poorest regions of Haiti.    VI-Espwa is committed to serving the least of these and offering hope to people who have none. 

Their work is done in three different ways. 

1.  Farming – They team people to farm small plots on their property as a way to have something to sell at market and feed their families.  Vi Espwa continues to plant gardens and teach locals how to grow and harvest food.  Junior’s father is an agriculturist and heads that part of Vi Espwa, teaching younger Haitians how to work the land.  

2. Medical Outreach Clinic – They run a clinic in the mountains for people who have no access to health care of any kind.  The medical staff continue to work in their community offering clinics to those in the rural areas and remote villages, often coming to help even when they cannot be paid! Medical supplies are constantly in short supply, and at times the transportation into the remote villages is a challenge. 
Recently, the vehicle used by Vi Espwa broke down, nearly bringing the healthcare work to a halt.  Junior made multiple trips transporting medical workers on his motor bike into the villages, using up precious time and human resources just to get the workers to the place where they can offer their expertise. Currently, the vehicle is working and in use, but the conditions are brutal on the mechanical parts, and repairs are often an issue. 

3. Education and social work–  This year 35 kids were sponsored to go to school!   What a incredible blessing into the lives of these children!  The Vi-Espwa Sant Mantal Counseling Services is now in service!   The Counseling Center is helping to address the stress and trauma experienced by the people in their community. 

Meanwhile,  Luckey continues to work with the young adults in his community with his organization Sove Jen.  With collaboration, support and hard work, he started Pan Du Vie (meaning “Bread of Life”), which helps get young men and women off the streets and working. They find new purpose and direction by making meat patties and beverages and selling them from mobile units (think food trucks, but smaller).  

Since the September 2021 earthquake in southern Haiti, Luckey and other volunteers have been visiting devastated areas and assisted medical workers helping those who had minor injuries.   Recently, though, Luckey suffered severe kidney issues and has been hospitalized and in excruciating pain. He continues to fight for his health, while his wife continues treatment for Cancer. Please continue to pray for all those in need in Haiti. We are deeply grateful for your support for our ministry in Haiti.