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Last week you got clear on the payoffs you are getting from crafting your story the way it is.

What emotions came up for you as you wrote out your lists?
What did you find yourself resisting or not wanting to look at?
What did you find yourself excusing?
What was going on for you in your physical body?

Our natural tendency is to want to “fix” that behavior or the story.  The things is, you are working just fine!  There is nothing to fix.  As you saw yesterday, you have made the choices in your life because you get something out of them.  They were the best possible options that you saw available.

However, you may be looking at your story and now desire something new!  Great.

The only thing that will pull you out of the current cycle of payoffs and prices is vision.  To be more specific, you must have a compelling vision that will both call you through the pain of transformation and into something new.  A vision that will throw a wrench in the wheel of the cycle that you are currently on, and create a new path to walk down.

Do you know why most new years resolutions fail?  Because they are often designed to fix what is not working rather than create a new future that we long for. We want to fix the weight problem, so we resolve to go to the gym.  We want to fix our procrastination, so we resolve to be more organized.  This is very different from longing for a healthy body and going after creating it or envisioning what a focused life would be and pressing on to make it happen.  The difference may seem subtle.  One is fixing what is broken and the other is creating a new future.  One anchors us to the past, and another moves us into the future.

It’s time to get in touch with your vision… that big scary dream that you may have tucked away in the recesses of your soul because it seemed impossible or would require too much of you.  The one that you have been betraying by living the life, relationship, faith or situation that you are currently in.


Look at the story you wrote during Week One.  Spend some time writing the story you long for.  What is your vision for the relationship, the situation, your life, etc?  Here are some pointers to help you in the process:

  • Use detailed language!  “It is good” is not gonna cut it.  Describe the feelings, what’s happening and how life is with this new vision in place.  The more specific you get, the better!
  • Turn off your internal editor!  Notice if you find yourself saying “this is stupid” or “I’ve tried this already” or “this is never going to work, so why bother?” Just write what you long for – give yourself permission to touch the longing that lives in you.
  • Make it bigger!  Notice if you find yourself wanting to make things small, manageable or writing down baby steps.  This is a great strategy to avoid the potential for pain if your vision doesn’t come into fruition.  Do not hold back… get it all out on paper.
  • Include others in your vision.  Who are you connecting to?  Who will be affected by this vision?  How will your relationships look when you are living this out?

Once you have it all written down, get a fresh piece of paper and write VISION at the top, and CURRENT REALITY on the bottom.

VISIONWe spent the first two days getting clear on our current reality, or what it true right here and now.  As you look at where you are, and where you want to head, what thoughts come up?  What tension inside of you do you notice?

Write down everything you see the lives in the gap between your current reality and your vision.  This might look like

  • fear
  • not wanting to fail
  • longing to succeed
  • time
  • money
  • how things have been in the past
  • etc.

What do you notice about your list?  What are you feeling physically in your body?

These are the things that must be given up or that you must give in to in order to have your vision take place.  As you look at your list, consider that many of these things are what get in the way of you fully living — experiencing the fullness and abundance that God has available for you.

Today, practice giving these over to God.  They aren’t going away, so if you are waiting for the “perfect timing”, it is now.  Allow Him to come and fill in the GAP. He’s much better at it than you!