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Last week we talked about reaping and sowing, and you began the process of intentionally sowing into the future you long for.

What emotions came up for you as you began sowing?
Who/what did you find yourself resisting or not wanting sow?
What did you find yourself excusing or explaining away?
What was going on for you in your physical body?

Today it is time to take action!

Over the past four weeks, you have probably noticed areas in your life where you have given away your power.  This shows up in many different ways:

  • Telling yourself “I don’t know how to do this”
  • Not acknowledging your value or contribution
  • Allowing fear to be your driving force
  • Playing the victim and blaming others
  • Settling for payoffs that are less than your vision

You might have seen one of these, or your own flavor, over the past few days.  Don’t worry, this isn’t unique to you.  This is something we all do as human beings.  We often look for a way to avoid the responsibility of using our God-given power in a way that makes a difference, or we simply resist taking a stand that will call forth a transformation in our lives.

We are powerful and creative beings.
Our power and creativity often scares us.

Remember Marianne Williamson’s quote “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves ‘who am I to be brilliant, talented…well who are you not to be?  You are a child of God and you’re playing small does not serve the world.”

When we live small, we settle for a mediocre life — constantly attempting to give away our beautiful responsibility to bring hope, light and love to the world around us.

Look again at your VISION.  You have a compelling vision that will pull you through the fear and pain of transformation.  When you’re stuck, afraid, confused or frustrated, you only need to look to your vision.  It is your compass.

From our vision comes new action.  Imagine yourself in the future, already living out your vision. What does it feel like?  Now look back to today and notice what steps you needed to take to get where you are.  Take the next one!


Now that you have

  • seen the story you tell
  • seen why you tell it
  • understood the payoffs and prices for your story
  • developed a compelling new vision
  • seen what gets between your current reality and that vision
  • began sowing into a new future

It’s time to move.

Journal about the next big risk that you need to take in order to make that vision a reality.  Yeah… that one.

The one that makes you a little nauseous when you think about it.
The one that awakens your spirit when you think about the possibilities.
The one that would transform so much if you succeeded.

Write down in detail what that next big risk is.  Make sure to include

  • Specifics about who it is with and where
  • A deadline (a “by when” it will be done)
  • One other person you will tell and hold you to your word

Examples of risks might include

  • having a forgiveness conversation with a loved one
  • starting the project or ministry you have shelved for years
  • having 5 conversations with new people this week or 5 new conversations with people you already know
  • developing an existing shallow friendship into a deep and vibrant relationship

Remember, if you are going to have conversations with people about the current reality of your relationships, start with repentance for your contribution and invite them into the new vision you have.

Go and create something new!