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Marla Neighbour is the Director of Communications for GAP Community, and oversees the coaching team.

Marla lived the first half of her life in Texas where she picked up her “y’alls,” along with her first experience in transformational trainings starting in 2005.  She lived a time in Afghanistan where she worked for Silk Road Solutions and trained over 250 of some of the most influential Afghan leaders in the nation. Marla’s prior experience included teaching English in China, social work in the areas of child abuse prevention and group foster home management, as well as supporting a start-up motorcycle business.

As a pastor at her faith community, Humanity Church, Marla sometimes speaks on Sundays and oversees the Connections team. Marla is married to Nathan Neighbour, who is also deeply committed to the ministry of GAP Community, and they live in Pomona, CA with their two little boys, Jackson and Collin.