All Things Shame, Part 1

By Amy Maxwell

Maybe in your training you heard your trainer mention that all people do things for a reason?  We get something out of what we do and also we pay prices.  Is it possible many of the payoffs we receive are tied to shame?  Lately I have been looking at laziness in my life.  Laziness meaning I know I need to do things, or have a conversation, or complete a task and I put it off.  Many times the answer to the question of why am I putting this off was in some way tied to being ashamed.  In fact the shame was contributing to the lethargy I was experiencing.  For myself, whenever life calls for risk, newness, boldness, or courage I often see a pattern of immediately becoming lazy.  I feel ashamed of past  (perceived) failures and I am nervous to repeat them.  I put off making the move my vision compels me towards and instead sit in a shame cloud for awhile.  The solution, repentance.  I get to ask God to forgive my love of shame and free me again.