Gap Youth Services

Africa 2008 Testimonies

to Africa was an amazing opportunity that I was honored to be able
to participate in. What stood out to me the most on the trip was
to see how big of a difference I could make while doing so little.
We did some digging and a brick laying project for the Legacy Center
where we did the training and with no more than a half days work
we were able to bless them beyond words. When we make the choice
to bless someone no matter how small it is, we open the door to
let God take it and multiply turning it into something much greater


was my second trip to the Republic of South Africa and I was somewhat
anxious and wondering how God would “show up”. I was a
bit nervous before leaving as I felt a certain level of comfort
and familiarity in the preparation and I was wondering if I would
miss His provision because of that. Of course the moment we stepped
off the plane nothing was the same including the teenagers who we
worked with from last year’s GAP training. Their lives had
been completely changed. One of them had stopped using drugs after
he went through the training and now his new activity was organizing
after school clubs for the kids to be involved in. Four other kids
had been chosen to attend a world leadership conference in San Diego
in the Summer. I was overwhelmed how God had moved in the kids’
lives and had multiplied the little that we had sown.

On this trip we had the
honor to work with the junior high school students from Kayamandi
and did a Purity First workshop. Prior to the workshop we were told
that many of the children had experienced rape and the event was
compared to “having the flu”: “everyone goes through
that experience a few times in their lives”….? So, on
the following day when the kids were asked to write their hopes
and dreams I wondered “God, how is it even possible that there
would be any hopes or dreams for them in the midst of these circumstances?”
To my amazement they had some of the boldest dreams including becoming
presidents, ministers of education to improve the lives for the
children, lawyers, and doctors. I must admit I could not have had
a better lesson on how the hopes, and dreams that God places in
our hearts will not be limited by our circumstances.

I am
so thankful for all of our sponsors and the privilege to experience
and share God’s love with the children of Kayamandi.


My trip to Africa
was full of many life-changing events for me. Having not travel
very far outside the United States before the land, people, and
culture of Africa completely altered my world. The one thing that
really resounded in me was the joy for life the people had. In the
town we were at, Kayamandi South Africa, the people had nothing.
Their houses consisted of two room shacks with rusted metal for
the walls around them. Their garbage and sewage ran through the
town streets and over flowed in piles. Walking through this you
could not help but feel depressed, hopeless, and joyless.

But then you meet the
people and kids. Their faces are smiling at you and their laughing,
dancing and singing. And through that I just felt the joy and happiness
that being alive can bring. They live in a world where they have
nothing yet they sing and dance and find joy in life. We live in
a world where we have everything yet we find nothing to sing and
dance for. I feel like through this trip God used the people of
Africa to open my eyes to see and experience the joy of life.

I am so blessed
by this opportunity and forever changed by it. Thank You