Drop the Facade

(This blog was originally published by Jean-Marie Jobs on February 9, 2015)

My friend Josh speaks fairly fluent Farsi and during a conversation the other day, he mentioned the Farsi word for corruption is façade. In English, the word façade means a front. I was considering the parallels between ‘fronts’ we put up and how they attempt to corrupt other people’s experience of us. Perhaps it seems harmless at the time, we long for approval, affection, admiration – those are good things, right? Yet, when we seek to garner those ‘good things’ through manipulation or deceit, we end up corrupting ourselves. How many ways does this play out – in subtle and not so subtle ways? All the effort subverting our feelings, fears, desires to put on a performance we pretend is for others but is really for ourselves. Hidden behind the front, we are never sure if people love us or just the façade we give them.

What would transform in our relationships if we were to drop the façade and invite others into the ‘mess’ we’ve made up we are? Would we find what we long for? Do we God to meet us in that space?