Limiting Belief Cycle

(This blog was originally published October 17, 2014)

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Are you more committed to being RIGHT or to knowing what else is POSSIBLE?

One has the attitude of being CERTAIN and you make yourself into the VICTIM.

The other has the attitude of a LEARNER and allows you look at the situation with RESPONSIBILITY.


Which way opens up more possibilities for your life?

Q: Where can you stop the limiting belief cycle?

A: By shifting my own limiting belief system

Q: So if that is the case, where is the power? With you or with other people changing?

A: The power is with me


Q: How do you know if you have a limiting belief that needs to shift? What can you do to find out?

A: I could do several things:

  • Choose to have a curious attitude
  • Notice common complaints I have and be willing to look at them with a different perspective
  • Ask others for feedback
  • Have the conversation with others instead of holding on to assumptions and living in my own “story”
  • Ask myself the questions – “What is my contribution in this?” Or “What could I be doing that could be inviting this behavior from others? Or “What else could be just as true besides the story that I tell myself?”

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