In It To Win!

(This blog was originally published by Jean Marie Jobs on November 17, 2014)

“If I am sure of anything, I am sure that His teaching was never meant to confirm my congenital preference for safe investments and limited liabilities…” C.S. Lewis

Ahhhh, comfort. How often do we decide what is comfortable for us, what minimizes risk, what seems ‘safer’ is really ‘God’s will’? Recently, I read the book “Subliminal”. One of the most fascinating dynamics explored is our human tendency for ‘motivated reasoning’. Motivated reasoning explains the way we reason and make sense of events in our lives as motivated by what we already think is true or expect. It’s as if we are constantly validating what’s ‘true’ for us by our own reasoning. Our existing beliefs about others, about ourselves, about God are continually being self-validated by the very data we notice, process and accept. There is plenty of other data available, we just can’t see it, because we are motivated to reason a certain way. Why? To maintain our ‘rightness’, to play it safe, to make everything ok.

God gives us the biggest story possible to live into through our identity in Him. It requires risk, calls forth faith, exercises trust, reaches in hope and lives in love. We are lean towards self-protection and yet are drawn towards intimacy with God and others. We avoid risk and yet we long to risk it all and WIN big.

Jesus is our greatest champion. His life opened the possibility for an eternal WIN.