Riding Out the Storm

by Jean-Marie Jobs

Last month, I was in Florida right before Hurricane Irma hit. My training was cancelled and I was fortunate enough to be able to change my flight and depart prior to it landing.  However, I ended up at a hotel for 2 days by myself, just waiting.  During this time, I noticed my thoughts drifting towards ‘worst case scenarios’ – being stranded at the hotel for a week, my flight being cancelled when I arrived at the airport, having to rent a car and drive out of Florida etc.

The storm hadn’t even hit but, in my mind, I was already riding it out.  And to what purpose?  Sleeplessness, anxiety, fear. Sometimes riding out the storm is an internal battle, especially when the external storm never happens.  As I sat alone in my hotel room, I was reminded of the words to one of my favorite worship songs “through it all, my eyes are on You, through it all it is well…the waves and wind still know His name.”  The question isn’t if the waves and wind know His name – all creation does! The question is: do I know His name?  Does His name bring me comfort and peace?  Do I allow Him into my vain imaginations to bring solace?

Whatever storm you may find yourself in this week, know Him in the midst of it and allow yourself to rest in His arms.