I Couldn’t Help Myself!

By Dan Leadbetter

“I couldn’t help myself!”

Actually, that’s not true.

You CAN help yourself. I know, it’s a novel concept, but it’s really true.

You are not powerless in the moment. You can and do make choices. You are not a victim to your thoughts, temptations, and impulses. Believe it or not, God has given you the ability to choose in the decision you’re faced with. So don’t blame the devil for your poor choices, and for Heaven’s sake, don’t blame God for “not giving you the strength”. That’s a cop out, plain and simple. How about just being honest and saying, “Yeah, that was a pretty poor decision on my part.” or “I knew what was right bit I wanted this more. At the very least you not lying to yourself and others about what you are up to.

There’s a particular phrase that’s tossed around in Christian circles that I absolutely hate. “Well, yeah, you know … I really struggle with (insert your favorite sin here).” Let’s be really clear, shall we? It’s not a struggle unless you are actively fighting it.

My encouragement for this week is to watch yourself. See where you are actively fighting those things in your life you say you struggle with, and which you are just giving a cursory glance at. Get clear with who you are and where you want to be in your life, then start walking in that direction.

I think you’ll be surprised at how much easier the “struggle” gets when you actually embrace it as part of who you are. Don’t make peace with but just know it’s a part of you that has to be monitored.