Change Your Mind

by Jean-Marie Jobs

The other day I was reading Acts 3:19 where Peter is asking the crowd to ‘repent of their sins and turn to God’. This word, metaneo, which is translated here as ‘repent’, is probably more accurately translated as ‘change your mind’.

Change your mind about who God is; change your mind about Jesus.  Peter is admonishing the crowd – You had your mind made up.  It was made up so firmly that you begged Pontius Pilate to crucify Him instead of pardon Him and asked for Barabbas, a murderer, to be released instead.  That is some kind of certainty.

So I started asking myself, what kind of certainty am I living in about who Jesus is and who He isn’t?  What have I already decided about Him that prevents me from seeing Him, manifest in everyday life?  A lot.  I even find myself  complaining to God about the Bible.  I mean really.

I don’t know about you, but I really love certainty.  I could make a guess about you…you probably love it too.  Sometimes, I’m so certain, I think I can discern, 100% of the time, what Jesus would be doing, right here, right now – who He would love, who He would judge, who would be getting in trouble, who wouldn’t.

They didn’t see what was right in front of them.  They missed Jesus in their worship of the form they thought Savior would be.  They were looking for another Savior, a political figure, a soldier or a politician.  They were not looking for the submitting Savior, who loved instead of punished, who redeemed even death so we truly have nothing to fear.  Then when Jesus’ legacy, His Spirit, moved and produced a miracle, they were amazed.

I wonder what miracles we miss, every day, because we have pre-decided how God would show up and whom He would show up through.